Monday, November 30, 2009

Another take on Acqua Alta

Well, I'm still not sure whether this actually happened or if it's another impressive accomplishemt by a guy with editing skills and a fetish for computer animation. Whatever the case may be, it's worth a look.
Our beloved Venezia has just experienced another "Acqua Alta", and here's a unique piece of video on the high-water theme.


Bepi said...

Its for real. A local group of kids in HB had a high speed winch, a wake board and a quarter pipe which they floated with empty sparklets bottles. They then proceeded to fire up the winch which pulled the wake boarder who then hit the jump and flew. Our passengers were blown away though I have not seen them do it in a year or so. The Venice guys used the same method. Pretty sweet.

DG Beat said...

We have some "winch boarders" in Alamitos Bay too. Looks like fun.

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Today's newspaper wrote Venice was hit with a strong acqua alta on Monday morning and the Saint Mark's Place was under 131 centimeters (52") of water!

They added a photo of the Piazza under little more than knee-height of water and never stopped for a second to think about the ~3ft difference between the oft-quoted Salute reference scale and actual water level in the Piazza.

Bright journalism! The flood was bad, but they exaggerated it even further...

BTW, I think the Piazza wakeboarding was done during 156cm of acqua alta. A little more and they could have used a powerboat... Hope that never gets realized!

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