Friday, November 20, 2009

Stencils - "The Child"

Here's another piece by "C215" - the stencil artist from Paris.

This one was much smaller and incorporated more than one color. It was just around the corner from Campo San Basegio, along the fondamenta near Calle d. Chiesa.

I find it curious that this artist places his work in such precarious locations. Some of the pieces I've seen on his page and other internet pages depict his stencil work on the sides of trash cans and derelict buildings which could be demolished or repainted at any time. This one was sprayed onto a part of the wall which would likely crack and disintegrate, falling off the wall in less than a year or two.

If you do a search for "C215" you'll find more of his work. Here's a nice collection of his street art. When you're ready to dive in to his work for a long time, go to and engross yourself in the flickr photostream - I must have spent an hour just watching the images go by.

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