Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Tallest Stout I've Ever Seen

Raise your glasses, my friends, to a great accomplishment by Eric Johnson - pub owner and distinguished gondola alumni.

"E.J.", as he is known by many of his friends, began as a gondolier in Long Beach, before starting The Gondola Company with Sean Jamieson - Sean now owns that great operation in Coronado, CA.

A few years ago Eric Johnson and Dave Copley opened the Auld Dubliner - an Irish pub which has been quite successful and several more have been established in other locations. If you already know E.J., then I'm not telling you anything new, in fact among many Southern California gondoliers, he's a celebrated guy - a "kid from the neighborhood" who went on to succeed.

Yesterday E.J. and Dave Copley took pouring stout to a whole new level.
They poured the world's largest Guinness...for the Guinness Book.
Here's the story as told by the Orange County Register.

If you were at the Auld Dubliner in Tustin, you know what I'm tallking about. Then again, if you were there to see and drink from that eight-foot-tall might still be asleep.

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Nereo said...

Awesome, nothing else to say. Awesome!!!