Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post #800

photo by Isabella Mohr

When I started writing posts for this blog a little over two years ago, it was simply to chronicle the adventures and provide the details of our expedition on the Hudson River.
I hadn't planned on continuing beyond that expedition, but as time went on, I kept writing. So far I haven't run out of things to post; there's still plenty of great gondola-related and Venice-related stuff out there waiting to be photographed and written about.

I want to thank each and every one of you for checking in and taking the time to read my posts.
I appreciate all the comments, e-mails and phone calls I've received regarding the Gondola Blog and various topics discussed here.

In the months to come, I plan to cover such topics as "why are gondolas black?", striped shirts, "Solar Powered Gondolas", and a guy known in Venice as "The Terminator". I'll feature some more boats and bridges that deserve a closer look. I'll also address "spontaneous baptism" and attempt to explore the definition of a "wedding gondola".

Today's post marks a milestone:
this is the 800th post on the Gondola Blog.
Sure, some have just been photos, but I'd like to think that a few of them had substance.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog, and that you'll continue to check back, and comment with relevance, making things all the more interesting.


Nereo said...

Congratulations for the 800th post my friend! keep up the good work.
Ciao vecio

Bepi said...

A record of the greatness of the human spirit, plus some nice photos. Admirable.

Gondola Greg said...

Nereo - without you and your amazing photos, I think I'd be celebrating my 300th post right now...and with crappy pictures!
Thanks a million.

Bepi - you are a perfect example of the guys who inspire this blog. Thanks for the great experiences we've shared. We'll row again soon.