Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kat Christens

In honor of Kat and Steve's wedding yesterday, I've found a pair of photos taken a few years back from the christening of two restored and re-launched gondolas here in Newport Beach.

Kat prepares to pop the cork.

When we christen, we usually use champagne, but we learned a long time ago not to try breaking the bottle on the boat. It's a really great way to damage something you've just worked hard to get perfect. Instead of breaking, we "baptize" the boats.
Not only do you avoid damaging the boat, there's usually a little extra champagne in the bottle to share (or not share).

From left to right: Captain Lars Berg, Danny Hamamoto, Mark Kepple, Kat, Steve Elkins.

These two boats took passengers in Newport for Valentine's Day that year, then they crossed the desert to our Lake Las Vegas location.

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