Saturday, April 10, 2010

The View from Ristorante da Ivo - A Quiet Moment

Ristorante da Ivo holds a special place in my heart.
They were one of our sponsors during the expedition down the Hudson River in 2007. Vittorio Orio had arranged it, and I'd never even visited the place. Naturally, when I went back to Venice last year I was determined to stop in and show my appreciation.
This was one of the many shots taken from their dining room, and I think it captures so much.
I'll post more photos from that vantage point in the future.
It's a great spot, and the food is of course, amazing.


emilia said...

Nice! I know this restaurant and the name of my husband is Ivo :)

René Seindal said...

Its in Rio dei Fuseri, right, so the Bacino Orseolo is down to the right just after the second bridge on the photo?

I've never tried it but there are so many places to try in Venice :-)

Tamás said...

I think those metal baseplates in photo, which hold the casa together, are reminders that Venice in general needs everybody's support if it is to last a few more generations!

BTW, if one happens to be in Venice during the Festa della Sensa, is it possible to see the event, maybe with goggles from the Lido or are there tourist ships selling tickets?

staff said...

Hi, René, you're right about the way to Bacino Orseolo.
I suggest you to try the restaurant though! Nereo