Friday, April 23, 2010

Venetian Rowing and Mexican Food

I spent the morning today rowing with Tim at Sunset Gondola.
The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing from the south-west, and we were hungry for Mexican food.
I shot a few photos overlooking the docks for starters.

At a semi-low tide the gondola closest casts a shadow on the floor of the marina, showing how these flat-bottomed boats are so well suited for shallow water.

One of the cool things about this gondola is the crushed walnut-shell non-skid on the poppa.

Tim and I got under way, rowing the little yellow sandolo like the "sports car" that she is. Such a fun boat!

As we rowed, Tim's cell phone rang and he looked at me with an "I gotta take this" look. I adjusted my stroke and Tim dropped down to a knee, opening his calendar book.

As the phone call progressed, I continued to row while Tim completed his booking.

Tim closed the book, dropped his phone on the floor, and got back to rowing. It was flawless - looked almost choreographed.

After that we docked at the other end of Huntington Harbour, tied up the boat, and went for lunch at Super Mex.
Two burritos later and we made our way back to the boat and rowed back to dock.

The yellow sandolo at dock during lunch.
It was a great little row, a bit short, but just what the doctor ordered.

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Tamás said...

> It was a great little row, a bit short

Sorry, but this is too obvious to miss 8-)

Outbound journey: 25 minute rowing
Two burritos: 30 minutes
Return trip: 3 min with rowing plus jet propulsion