Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vincent Tummino Gets "Knighted" and the GSVVM Goes to Prague

While we've been talking here about Mexican food, Greek statues and wedding gondolas, Nereo Zane has put a few great posts up on his blog.

First, let me begin by congratulating Vincent Tummino on being inducted into the Cavalieri di San Marco recently in Venezia.
Anyone who wonders who Mr. Tummino is, needs only to search his name on the Gondola Blog to learn of his assistance and contributions to the 2007 Hudson River Expedition.
Now, with the legendary Vittorio Orio by his side, Vincent has a new title to add to his list: a list which includes New York City Firefighter and President and Ambassador of the International Columbia Association.

Photos of the induction ceremony are on Nereo's blog, along with...


In mid May, the Gruppo Sportivo Voga Veneta in Mestre will be taking a contingent of boats and club members to one of Europe's most historic and popular cities.

Nereo will be going to Prague with the GSVVM as photographer (and probably rower too, I'm guessing).

Both stories are up on Nereo's blog.
Go check it out!

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