Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bacino Orseolo - Gondoliers on the Wall

Leading into the Bacino Orseolo on the north end is the Rio Orseolo.
There are usually a few gondolas moored here along the wall with the Ponte Tron in the background. As it is a thoroughfare in and out of the basin and not all that wide, the gondolas here aren't often double-parked.

What you will find a lot of though are gondoliers, who seem to congregate at this place.

It is a good place to chat up potential customers, and there are plenty of other "sensible" reasons, but I know something else about this spot:

to the left, just out of the frame, is a little bar that seems to be a favorite among guys in striped shirts, and for good reason - the last time I ducked in there they had one of the best German beers on tap I've ever had.

If I worked at the Bacino, I think I'd hang out there too!

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Tamás said...

This post could have been titled the "Secret of the bent ferro" 8-)