Friday, April 16, 2010

Crystal Swan on the Water Tonight

After a two week haulout for paint and maintenance,
Joe Munday's boat "the Crystal Swan" is back in the water.
I passed him tonight during one of my cruises and had to snap a shot.


emilia said...

May I use this photo in my blog today?

Gondola Greg said...

Hi Emilia.
I'm sure Joe would enjoy seeing his boat on another blog. He's got an unusual boat, but he loves it. I proposed to my wife on another gondola with Joe driving, so he is a good friend. I took the photo, and you have my permission. Let me know if there are any other photos you'd like to use in the future.
Have a great day,

Bob Easton said...

Crystal Swan is indeed a pretty boat.

Maybe it's just me, but I find many boats can be a lot prettier when they have the ugly fenders stowed while under way.

Tamás said...

> Bob: ... boats can be a lot prettier when they have the ugly fenders stowed while under way.

Maybe those white hanging bulbs could be painted to look like loafs of salami, thus becoming more italian 8-)

Gondola Greg said...

I agree with you both - I've never been a fan of hanging fenders.
During my days in the yacht charter world, we would often refer to fenders hanging over the side while under-way as "Marina del Rey flags" - it was a jab at boaters from a harbor just north of us who often didn't know much about boating.
In Joe's case, he probably hangs them because his docking and departing is fairly tight and he's in his 70's now - doesn't want to fuss over things that can result in a sore back. At my age I won't fault him for that. I hope I'm still able to be on a boat regularly when I'm in my 70's.

Oh, and I do like the salami-fender idea. I'll be someone out there would buy them.