Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes, it Really WAS Windy Last Night

My last post mentioned the windy conditions we experienced last night here in Newport and throughout Southern California. The morning after often produces stories of adventures on the water among gondoliers and other boaters. Last night gave us "one for the books", as it will go down in history as the night an oar snapped.
Tim at Sunset Gondola has preserved the story for posterity on his blog and it's well worth reading.
Check it out at Tales of the Gondola.

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Tamás said...

Now we know for sure why most venetian gondoliers carry a hot spare onboard! Suddenly becoming virtually limbless in such a large boat sounds like an emergency.

Did this mishap affect one of those new oars, whose delivery was featured in this blog a while ago? The report says the cracked oar was just two months old.