Monday, April 26, 2010

Golden Horse

I found a close-up of one of the gold cavalli from the wedding gondola post and thought it would make a nice follow up.
It turns out that after I shot a series of photos from the Rialto,
I encountered the same boat later on and took this picture.
This one's for Steve Roman. Hope you like it Steve!


Tamás said...

Hello! A bit of off-topic: do you know, why there are so few hostels and hotels listed in Torino? I thought there would be a lot of capacity because of the 2006 Winter Olympics?

I'll visit the S. Sindone and I made a mistake with the hotel web reservation (selected wrong month) and now I have to find a new stay for 18-22 May, but I can't find anything for about 35euro/night.

I know finding bed for single person tourist is more difficult, but maybe I am looking in the wrong place? I was lucky to find a very budget stay near Venezia for this Sensa weekend, but Torino is scary, almost nothing under 78euros and the Ostello is full.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, faithfully: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

Unknown said...

Thanks Greg, Say I am up to 6 Cavali now, 2 of the big one. All I need now is my own gondola !! ^^