Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tight Quarters - the "Hanging Walkway"

Here's another "tight quarters" photo, showing how narrow some of the canal-spaces can get in Venezia. In this case we see a unique concrete walkway, which impedes on the usable area as it protrudes from the side of the building.
At the right tide level, two gondolas could probably pass each other here, but at the wrong tide it would be impossible.


Tamás said...

There are four large peebles placed in a row on the ledge near the left side of the image. What could be their purpose?

- Feng Shui charm

- The house residents can easily throw them at a passing gondolier if he sings falsely

- The gondolier can throw them at the casa, if the hanging pathway blocks his boat's passage

René Seindal said...

This is not a place I pass often. Is it the Rio S. Salvador? I hardly ever go there with guests because it emerges in the Canale Grande between two rather busy imbarcaderi a Rialto, which is not a nice place to get stuck, waiting for someone having trouble steering the kayak in the current or the wake of the vaporetti.

staff said...

René, you're right. The photo has been taken from "Ponte del lovo" few steps from Campo S. Salvador.