Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mid-Winter Post-precipitation Activity

video by Greg and Cassandra Mohr

I was just clearing out one of our video cameras and came across this collection of clips from about two months ago.

Our weather has been great lately, and any of you who has a decent perspective on things understands that we have very little to complain about here in the rain department. Nevertheless, the sky does open up around here now and then, and my daughter and I shot these clips during one visit to the docks in between weather fronts.

Here's the video intro:

More useless babbling on the dock. Really, this here is a clip of two people procrastinating.

Getting to know the shopVac and talking more about doing:

My last words of that clip should have been "Insert your other half-baked excuse here."

Now, one of the most effective tools in boat maintenance is revealed:

ShopVac and Cassandra in action:

Sock inventory:

End of project wrap-up:

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