Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quay at the Giardinetti

Here's a top-of-the-cruise-ship view of the quay at Calle Ascensione by the Giardinetti, just adjacent to Piazza San Marco. The bridge is the Ponte de l'Accademia dei Pittori.

The quay with it's red and yellow striped paline was also featured in a post from November 2nd, 2009 entitled
"Cardinal and Gold Paline"


emilia said...

Posso commentare in italiano? My Italian is better.

Gondola Greg said...

Ciao Emilia.
You can comment in italian if prefer, but I think many of the blog readers also know italian, but all speak english. If you comment in english, more people will read it.
Either way, I'm happy that you are here and I welcome your comments.