Thursday, August 6, 2009

There's a New "Gondola Game" in Town

Kudos to Tamás Fehér for bringing this to my attention.
Also, big thanks for e-mailing it so it didn't just end up as a footnote in the comment section.

For those of you out there who loved the Orbitz gondola game (which appears to be unavailable now), and the weird-but-fun Turkey Hill Dairy gondola game (yes, the one with the cow), the folks at Barona Casino near San Diego, California have now launched their own "gondola game".

This one involves delivering food by gondola.
And while the idea of using a gondola to deliver pizza, steak and fish is a little far from authentic, I must give them some props for designing the course to resemble the Grand Canal. It's not a perfect rendering by any measure, but the little overview window in the corner is a fun feature.

Giving the gondolier a forcola would have been nice, but hey, at least he's got stripes on his remo.

Check it out for yourselves.

Let's see if any of you can get on the leaderboard.

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Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Luckily, the Orbitz gondolier game is sil accessible at a slightly different address.