Friday, August 21, 2009

Scenes from Piazzale Roma - "Keeper of the Canoe"

You never know what you'll see in Venice, especially around a big event.

Piazzale Roma is a prime example of that, because a lot of what comes in and out of Venice goes through there.

While sitting on a bus the day after Vogalonga,
I caught something out of the corner of my eye.
It looked like a canoe.

Now a canoe in Venice is not all that amazing, but a canoe on the curb is a bit less common.

Put it next to folks standing around with luggage, and I'm curious.

I suppose a canoe on the sidewalk just after Vogalonga isn't all that strange. What really cracked me up was the guy in a dress shirt and suit pants who was unpacking it, while the two women sort of stood around as if to say:
"it was your hair-brained idea to bring that stupid canoe, I'm not helpin' ya".

Of course the woman in the upper right hand corner of the frame also deserves a chuckle.
I can just hear her saying "WHAT THE...?"

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