Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Americans - "Strap Cam" with a Soundtrack

Capping off the series of "Crazy Americans" posts,
I'd like to post one final piece of video.

After Tim and I took off into the wild-wet-yonder, rowed to Forte Marghera, went exploring, and headed back, we re-entered the Venetian lagoon.
The original clip of our return was over six minutes long.

This clip captures that experience, ending in the docking and hoisting of the boat.
I just discovered a video editing program in my computer, so I threw up a loud, butt-kickin' song,
and dragged in the best three and a half minutes from the clip.
I understand that this type of music isn't for everybody, but I encourage you to crank it up anyway - I think it adds to the viewing experience.

While my most recent Strap-Cam post was satirical,
I must admit the the Strap-Cam does indeed influence it's user,
inspiring more extreme activities than before.

Once you've strapped that thing to your boat, remo, head, etc. and watched the video - you want to get out there and capture something better.

Stay tuned my friends,

The Strap-Cam may one day be the death of me - but the video will surely be awesome.

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