Monday, August 3, 2009

Racism? Venezia Doesn't Play That!

I took these two photos while walking around Venice.
You never know what you'll see there.
It never occurred to me that a place like Venice would have a real "White Pride" presence.
May be they don't because this is how they feel towards it.

The first item is a sticker that says "GOOD NIGHT WHITE PRIDE", and depicts a man on the ground with a logo on his chest that's common among the neo-nazi movement, and another man standing over him, about to beat him senseless with a gondola ferro.

The second item is a classic poster, which was stuck to the wall using some sort of glue or paste. The placement of this one was a little confusing because it was stuck right over another poster.
The poster was advertising an event that took place o May 21st.
In this case we see a guy placing a swastika in a waste container.

I saw both of these items in multiple places.

I have no idea how genuinely they represent the views of true Venetians, but they certainly caught my attention.

I'd seen the sticker before, in other European cities, but the incorporation of the ferro was new.

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