Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunset to Mothers 4 - Everybody "Synco!"

Somebody was missing this time around.
Several people said to me "I wish Synco was here",
or "it's not the same without John and Trish".
And while we all understand that the move was important to them,
we sure do miss having them around.

So much so that when I was making my way back to the camera
on it's tripod to set the timer for another "Group Shot",
Tim and a few others started talking about doing the Synco.
Of course we all knew what that meant.
This resulted in one of my favorite versions of the Group Shot.

Some "Synco" better than others.

For the uninitiated, John Synco is a gondolier who is known
for several things, I assembled a nice collection of photos of the man
in this post "Happy Birthday John Synco!"

He was part of the post "The Conversation".

His writings on passaporti are the subject in the post of the same name:

But the whole drinking pose is explained and exposed
in the post The "Synco Pose".

So here's to you, John, Trish, and Olive.
We hope you're happy, healthy, and prosperous,
and we hope to see you again.


To gain a better understanding of what it's like before the camera flashes for these crazy Group Shots, check out my post that exposes "The Madness of a Group Shot".

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