Wednesday, June 26, 2013

To Treviso and Back!

photo by Nereo Zane
Earlier this month Nereo wrote me:
I'm driving to GSVVM docs for a two days row toward Treviso and back along the Sile river on a caorlina. I'll keep you informed.
I was confused (were they rowing UP a river and back?),
I was jealous (of course),
and I was thrilled for my friend who was going on such an adventure.

The route was from the GSVVM rowing club, across the lagoon,
and up the Sile river...and back.

Here's a map.

The group consisted of:
Emanuela (Manu), Silvia, Chiara, Paolo, Bruno, Ferruccio, Nereo
but they were referred to by some of their friends as
"the crazy people" - crazy for taking on such a row.
Overall they covered a little more than 100 kilometers in two days, rowing a GSVVM caorlina.
The trip to Treviso was, as Nereo put it "a contraria",
which means against the flow.
Crazy people.
Crazy people who make me jealous.

To see photos and read more, go to Nereo's post "Escursione remiera Mestre - Treviso".

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