Saturday, June 8, 2013

Under the Overcast Sky

Most people, it seems, think that the optimum conditions for a gondola cruise involve clear skies and bright sunshine, but along the coast here we have a thing called the "Marine Layer".  Also known as the "June Gloom", it's common for our skies to be overcast along the coast. 
It has to do with geographic, oceanographic, and meteorological things that are probably easy to understand if you take the right community college course,
but I haven't yet taken that class.
Know who else hasn't taken that class? A whole heck of a lot of people who drive out here from points further inland, they get to the end of the freeway,
and watch the sunshine disappear behind fog-like clouds, which get thicker and thicker the closer they get to the beach.

And while the infamous "June Gloom" may not be so great for beachgoers,
in my opinion, it's great for gondola cruising.
You see when it's overcast here, the wind often mellows out, people don't do quite as much squinting, and amazingly, the light seems to last longer and be more evenly dispersed.
Oh sure, I love a good brightly colored sunset just as much as the next guy,
but the serenity of the marine layer is honestly one of my favorite things about living so close to the ocean.

Tonight some of us were lucky enough to spend a little time under those overcast skies.  I had a marriage proposal on my boat, So did Bob.
Simon? I've no idea what they were celebrating, but they were certainly enjoying themselves. One boat from another company passed by and one of the passengers announced that he and the lady next to him were "celebrating their divorce".  I have to say, I was impressed - he threw one out that I'd never heard before.  The other gondolier and I had a good laugh at that one.

Other gondolas were out for anniversaries, birthdays, or just for fun. 
Whatever the reason, we all had a great time on the water this evening.

Bob and his passengers celebrate their very recent engagement.

Joey smiles and waves as he passes by.

Simon tends to things on board as his passengers smile for the camera.

If I find myself living away from the coast one day, I guarantee you - two of the biggest things I'll miss are the ocean air and living under overcast skies.

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