Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Three

photo by Cassandra Mohr
Not long ago I shared a photo in my post "Wedding Flotilla" of three gondolas beached alongside each other.  It was a great day in Newport, especially for the couple I married and their family and friends. After the ceremony, we took to the bay once again and staff photographer Cassandra snapped some great images.
Yes, she is my daughter.
Throw out your best snarky comments about nepotism if you like, but the truth is that she's literally grown up on and around gondolas, and at the age of fifteen, there are few people I know who can take a better picture of a gondola.
One of the things I've taught her is that there are certain angles of the boat that show her curves best.  It looks like she was paying attention because she managed to snap a shot from the Lido Bridge of all three three of the best orientations to the camera.  We call them the three versions of the "three-quarter shot", and she managed to get them all in one shot.
That's my girl.

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