Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Conversation

Driving through Long Beach, I took a short detour into the Naples area where some gondolier friends of mine row.
Taking their passengers out in Alamitos Bay, they cross the water and duck into a neighborhood canal system.

I stepped onto a bridge and a pupparin emerged from beneath.

Gondolier Ignacio Villanueva rows a pupparin.

Next, a friend of mine, John Synco came into view. Rowing in opposite directions, the two gondoliers approached each other.

passing each other, the gondoliers had a short conversation before continuing on.

As John came closer we greeted each other briefly before he passed under the bridge.

Later, just as I was leaving the bridge, I shot this long-lens photo:
It wasn't until I put it up on my computer that I recognized Greg Garite. Looking good Greg!
Sorry we didn't have a conversation.

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