Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rowing with a Friend

When the reservation line rang at 8pm this evening, for a two-boat cruise at ten, we went through our whole list of available gondoliers. But with less than two hours before departure time, and all of my gondoliers coming up unavailable, we called on a friend - Tim at Sunset Gondola.
Nobody knows the "I need a gondolier right now" situation more than the owner of another gondola company.
This wasn't the first time either of us had covered a cruise for the other, but with two gondolas in the mix, it was the first time I got to row alongside Tim in a flotilla. We had a great time rowing, probably enjoyed the cruise even more than our passengers (although they did have a terrific experience on the water).

Tim handled the gondola masterfully throughout the cruise,
and then at the end, had the nerve to enter our lagoon,
flip the boat around, and back her in...flawlessly.
Did a better job than I had just minutes earlier.
Actually showed me up in my own waterway!
It was awesome to watch.

Tim, it was great rowing with you this evening.

Thanks for helping us out tonight,

and thanks for showing me how to dock my boat.


Tamás said...

Tim probably has a gondola simulator hidden in his basement and been through the "advanced mooring drill" scenario a few hundred times?

> When the reservation line rang at 8pm this evening, for a two-boat cruise at ten

That's a bit of contrast, since Venezia, the home of gondolas, has a more relaxed pace of life.

Just a bit suprised and wonder what kind of situation prompts customers to decide on a last-minute gondola criuse? I would imagine its an excursion people carefully plan for weeks ahead.

Bepi Venexiano said...

My alter ego "Bepi" pulled that one off. I was merely an observer.

It was fun, sublime lighting and enough wind to keep us off
auto-pilot. Un bene voga.