Thursday, June 17, 2010

Afternoon Flotilla

Wrapping up my boat late last night, I got a call from Tim at Sunset Gondola, asking if I was available to row the next day. He had a three-boat flotilla and needed one more guy.
I jumped at it.
Not only because I love flotillas, but because just last week Tim had done me a solid favor by jumping on one of my boats and I wanted to return the favor.
So this afternoon at about 1pm, I joined Tim and gondolier Chris "Rotto Sorriso", as we hosted a group of 18 special guests for a tour of Huntington Harbour.
I shot a boatload of pictures, and have pulled out the best ten images I could come up with while rowing, singing, and not crashing into Tim's boat.

Tim rows ahead of the pack.
Chris is greeted by friendly kayakers.

Tim fields questions from passengers.

Three in a row.

After dropping the collapsible tail-piece for a low bridge,
Chris pauses to flip it up into place again...

With a snap, the tail-pice is back in place...

...and Chris gets back to the business of rowing the gondola and looking good.

My passengers passing around some gourmet cheeses.

Approaching my favorite bridge in Huntington Harbour.

Our passengers were wonderful,
and the weather was absolutely perfect.
Sometimes returning a favor for a friend is painful,
this time I felt like I was the one getting the better end of the deal.
What a great experience.

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