Thursday, June 10, 2010

The "Grand Venetian" in Puerto Vallarta

Last week I was on a cruise ship with my family, hitting an itinerary of ports along the west coast of Mexico. from the back seat of a taxi in Puerto Vallarta, I spotted this new development - it didn't look all that different from other beachfront highrise projects, but the name of the place made me do a double-take.

It's the "Grand Venetian", and while I initially thought I was looking at another offering from the folks who gave us The Venetian in Las Vegas, upon further inspection it looks like the developers in Puerto Vallarta just co-opted the name.

Here's their website which is geared towards selling property in the new development.

This project appears to focus more on residential rather than hotel services.
They do have a nice sign:

Of course they could incorporate some sort of casino on the property (if the laws will allow), but it doesn't look to be in the plans as of yet.
Also not in the current plans: gondolas.
You'd think that if someone was building a Venice-themed place, that they'd have at least one gondola.
Maybe that comes in the next phase.

It looks nothing like the campanile in Piazza San Marco, but they do have a decent bell tower.

Looking at artist renderings from their website, it seems they'd originally planned on having a faithful copy of Venice's campanile.

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