Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Best Pilgrimage Yet - Out on the Water

some photos by Andrew McHardy
One more group shot.

After the dockside festivities, our group took to the water and rowed slowly towards the bridge we always sing under, and then on to Captain Jack's.

Here are some pictures from the boating portion of the night.

Three gondolas and a sandolo.

John Synco rows Trish and Erin along in a blue and yellow sandolo.

Andrew artfully shot this one.
No, I wasn't leaning that far to the right.

Next we pulled alongside John's sandolo to transfer some supplies. I needed both hands so I came came up a rather unconventional method of keeping the remo in place, but it worked.

And the all-important "supplies" were gotten...and toasted with!

It should probably be mentioned here that gondoliers do not make a habit of rowing passengers while drinking wine (at least most gondoliers). But on this night we just had to make sure we still had the rowing with one hand skill set still intact.

Eric Sjoberg rows one of the gondolas.

Trish and Erin enjoying their ride.
John probably enjoying rowing even more.

Tim Reinard rows with a growl.
Dawn and Jeremy smile for the shot.


staff said...

beware of the misusage of that remo

Bepi Venexiano said...

A close examination of the photo will show that Bepi is smiling, I only growl while rowing Mestre to Venice with waves coming over my bow.

Gondola Greg said...

Ahh yes, but it's a productive growl.