Friday, June 4, 2010

More Photos of Connor and the Couple

photos by Matthew Schenk
If this looks familiar, it's because you're looking at another shot from the session taken by Matthew Schenk in my Irving, Texas operation. The gondolier is Connor, and the couple seemed to enjoy their escapade.

Boarding is always a fun and exciting beginning for passengers as their adventure begins.

Looking down, we see the pronounced asymmetry of the hull. These boats were made from a Jack Fesenmeyer design. My guess is that at some point Jack decided that the mark of a true gondola was asymmetry, so he gave these boats plenty of it.

And once again, here's the shot from my previous post "Connor and the Couple" in Texas.
Although this image has already been posted, it seemed fitting to keep them all together in one post.

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emilia said...

so romantic! I wish to use in my blog the last two pictures. :) The gondolier is so pretty!