Friday, May 13, 2011

Tapeto Verde

I think this guy likes green.

...And maybe golf.

In fact if I were standing there on the fondamenta, I'd be tempted to reach for a putter and climb aboard, and I don't even golf
(well, maybe miniature golf now and then).

I'm having a little fun here, but I should also give credit to a gondolier who made a bold choice with the color of both his seats and his tapeto (that carpet I'd like to putt on). He has a boat that's easily identified, and might even have an added appeal with the golf crowd.

Let's take a closer look:
Side-tied to the gondola with green carpet, is a boat with more subtle colors. I like the deep blue upholstery and silver cavalli. We can also see that the owner of the second boat has a thing for striped remi.

I shot this photo in '09 from a passing vaporetto.
We'd just passed the fish market while plowing toward the Rialto.
In fact just a few boat lengths further, the photo of gondoliers trying to avoid splashing water was taken by Martina Zane,
right after an ambulance boat blasted by.

A small sign in the shot caught my eye, so I did some investigating.
The sign says "Naranzaria", and it's for a wine bar there.

I've never been to the place, and don't know how it rates, but I'd like to check it out next time I'm in the neighborhood.


staff said...

"Naranzaria" means orange / lemon market like "pescheria" is fish market.

Gondola Greg said...

So the wine bar probably named itself after the citrus market, and took advantage of the "Naranzaria" signs everywhere.

staff said...

Not sure the bar's name is "Naranzaria". I'll investigate further next time I'm there ...