Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fresh Posts on "La gondola della solidarietà"

Nereo's blog has a few new posts worth a look.
Living in the area, and going in and out of the GSVVM, he has a unique view of what's going on with the upcoming Papal visit.
"Visita del Papa a Venezia"
and here's an update:
"Visita del Papa - 2"

Meanwhile, in the shop of the GSVVM, the construction of a new sandolo proceeds, providing some nice vistas to photograph, and if you're lucky enough to step into the room - some smells which are probably almost intoxicating.  There's nothing quite like the smells of a wood boat being built.

"Nuovo Sandolo GSVVM - 2"

I heard a rumor that Nereo might be somewhere near that famous Papal boat ride that everyone's talking about.  If he's there, I'm pretty sure we'll see some photographs.  I sure hope so.

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