Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Unusual Disembarkation

photo by Tamás Fehér

What do you think happened here?
Did the businessman do something to annoy the driver?
Was this passenger in a hurry?
Or does this kind of disembarkation usually happen?
Anyone want to venture a guess or throw out an opinion?


staff said...

Thats usually happens. In 2006 Gilberto Penzo drove you, your girls and I with his motor boat (topetta) for a trip in Venice. We stepped on a mototopo and then on his boat. I got my fith toe broken that day. aaaaarg.

Gondola Greg said...

Oh yes, I certainly remember the day of the broken toe! Ay-yay-yay. And I remember our disembarking. I just wasn't sure that everyone else did it.

Tamás said...

The photo is a publicity shot from the teaser of the "Tourist II" movie.

The suited person is a mafioso. He arrived to retrieve the body hidden in the freezer boat and feed it to the fishes.

The intended victim, however, underwent plastic surgery to trick his enemies and faked a ship burn-out accident (as you have seen in a previous blog photo).

He is now the water taxi driver, living under a new look and a pseudonym. He agreed to transport the mafioso, because he knows his girlfriend is hiding in the freezer boat.

The two of them hope to escape to the other shore of the Adria, together with the 5 million they stole from the Godfather.

You see, the broken toe was just a warning.

Tamás said...

I think the suited person arrived for the award ceremony of the Festa da San Andrea re-run, end of March 2011. Maybe he was even presenting a trophy, but I don't remember that exactly.