Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eternal Signs

In Newport Beach we have a saying:
"If you don't like the restaurant choices, wait a week".

It goes hand in hand with the quote that,
"Newport restaurants have a shelf-life of about six months."

And while our dining establishments seem to open and close like revolving doors, there's another quirky thing we see - often when the doors of a short-lived restaurant close for good, the signs stay up.
In some cases for years, as it takes a while before someone else opens something new in that space.

Martina has provided us with a pair of signs that make their Newport counterparts pale in comparison.

First, here's a sign for a "Modern Art Museum".

Martina translates this sign as:
“Modern Art Museum – Ca’ Pesaro – Oriental Museum”
and adds:
"Considering the age of the pannel...modern long ago?"
Then there's this rusty relic.

Martina's translation:
“Municipality of Venice – Medical Doctor 15th zone – Practice – only municipal service in Campo S Giovanni Evangelista – Tuesday – Thursday [...]”

Thanks for the photos Martina.
I'm looking at signs in a whole new way.

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