Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stefano "Gets Technical"

I should begin this post by expressing my congratulations:
Stefano and his wife just brought their new baby girl home from the hospital. Giuliana AnnMarie was born on June 23rd,
and after spending some time in the hospital, she went home with her parents on the 4th.

So somewhere between "new parenthood" and trying to steal a few hours of sleep whenever possible, Stefano came down for a few cruises in Newport.
It was great to share the water with him.

Coming into our little lagoon, spinning the boat is always a fun technical challenge, with winds and tight quarters to contend with. As I was setting up my boat for a cruise, I caught a few shots of Stefano as he came into the lagoon.

Maneuvering in small areas requires a gondolier to use his full quiver of strokes and techniques.

I snapped several photos, but this one is my favorite.
Here's a closer look at Stefano "getting technical".

Somewhere down the line, I could see this in a voga tutorial.

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