Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shooting from the Top Deck

Most of the time I don't get to shoot photos from places other than the back of a boat at sea level. Being out on the water, I've gotten pretty good at rowing and shooting photos and video from the poppa. But tonight I was able to sneak up to the top deck of a charter yacht in dock, and snap away as Stefano came and went. The light was right and the clouds had been chased away. The higher vantage point gave me the ability to shoot without busy backgrounds, and with all those elements on my side - I got lucky with a few shots.

Stefano took his first cruise out on the Wedding Gondola.
I caught my first glimpse of him returning - as he stationed himself under the Newport Boulevard bridge for a song.

As he got closer, I zoomed in with my long lens and got lucky with this picture down the centerline of the boat. Here we can clearly see the asymmetry of this Venice-built classic.

Approaching the dock, Stefano turned just enough for me to capture a good three-quarter shot of the boat, showing her detailed deck carvings. As you can see, with the wind at his back he was able to move along easily with one hand.

Stefano's next cruise was on the Pheonix.
As he headed away, I was able to capture the same three-quarter shot in reverse.
From this vantage point we can even see the detail of the deck-trim.

I've had the same conversation with at least a dozen gondoliers and photographers, who all agree that the unique shape of the Venetian gondola is best shot in three-quarter. The trick is getting that correct angle.
Stefano had no idea I was shooting these photos.

As he rowed off toward the setting sun, the gondolier was greeted by someone in a tall building on shore, and took a moment to give them a wave back - loving his job, I'm sure.

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Hey, great shots indeed. Many congrats my friend, Nereo