Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nola Gondola - Back by Popular Demand

I had a great conversation today with gondolier Robert Dula.
His gondola has been out of the water for six months now, but today she's soaking in a lake in New Orleans.
Robert is back in the "Big Easy" and dilligently preparing for an official company launch once again in New Orleans' City Park on July 11th.

Previously, Robert operated the same gondola in City Park, but on the canals. This time around, his route will not include the low bridges which required height modification.

Robert told me "I'm not gonna cut up the gondola again" - refering to her previous bobbed tail and missing ferro.

Dula grew up in Lafayette, not far from New Orleans. He told me he was "raised in the swamps of Louisiana dancing to zydeco", so he's naturally quite happy to be back with an apartment on Bayou St. John.

Hopefully we'll see photos and receive news about the return of Nola Gondola in the days to come.
Best of luck to you Roberto!


Unknown said...

How can I get in touch with Nola Gondola to schedule a ride?

gondolaguy said...

call robert @ 504-450-4400