Friday, July 9, 2010

Cavallo at Sunset Gondola

Cavalli take many forms.
Most have some sort of horse motif - after all, the word "cavalli" means "horses". Others though have angels, mermaids, dolphins and other animals as their theme.
This cavallo appears to be a sheild-bearing mermaid.

The boat is one of Sunset Gondola's vessels in Huntington Harbour.
Dubbed the "Michaela", she was built in the early 90's in San Trovaso by Constantini Dei Rossi.

Tim Reinard, owner of Sunset Gondola,
tells me that she was the "first boat Roberto Dei Rossi's uncle let him do serious work on."
Imported by Angelino Sandri, she operated in Florida and Oakland before arriving in Huntington Harbour.


Tamás said...

The mermaid's shield looks blank. Maybe that's the place where the boat's name was meant to be engraved by the owner?

Bepi Venexiano said...

The name "Michaela" is carved atop the trasto di prua. I believe she was built for Gilberto Professione.

The sirena is rising from the sea and is in the act of giving a shield, like a wife (the sea) arraying her husband (Venice).