Friday, July 30, 2010


This ones for you, Sean!
A funny thing happened here on the Gondola Blog about a year ago. I had meticulously written a post called "White Gondola" Roundup, describing a number of white gondolas.
As was often the case back then, some comments went in different directions, straying away from the topic of the post. Eventually, Sean of Coronado posted an outrageous comment, demonstrating just how far off topic things could get.
His description of the buttercow sculpture phenomenon at state fairs left many laughing.

That day a new term was coined: "buttercowing".

So today, as I was walking through one of the exhibit halls at the Orange County Fair, and I saw a "butter Michaelangelo's David"...I simply HAD to snap a photo.

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Sean Jamieson said...

There you go...the butter figure blog is born.