Saturday, July 17, 2010

Curci Cavalli

In many ways, the"Lucia" (Curci family gondola) is both a time capsule and an example of privately owned gondolas.

She was brought to Newport Beach in 1964 and has been maintained with great dedication - almost like a rare classic car.

Not surprisingly, the "Lucia" has cavalli that are old, well-kept, and unique. I'm not sure whether they are typical of gondolas in the 60's, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are.

Like many cavalli, they have a main character that's part horse, part sea-creature.

But in this case the horse is ridden by a cherub.

The founders who cast these pieces long ago, didn't create the design with symmetry either - each cavallo has a front and a back.

Almost ten years ago I was honored to be part of a major restoration of this historic gondola. I got to oversee all the metal on the boat, and these cavalli were part of that effort. They were polished and clearcoated by the professionals at Normandy Metal Refinishers in Costa Mesa.
The combination of high-grade clearcoating, and dry storage, have kept these cavalli in show-condition.


staff said...

They look really good, my friend.
Thank you for this post. Nereo

BikerBob said...

Thanks for the great blog. I have a forcola from the 1960s that needs TLC. Are there traditional methods and products for this?


Gondola Greg said...

Hi Bob.
Typically a forcola is given a generous treatment of linseed oil and left in a well ventilated place.
Be careful of those oil-soaked rags though - they've been known to spontaneously combust!