Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Night of July in Newport

I shot a collection of photos of gondolier Bob Milspaugh on the "Phoenix" today - some from the upper deck of a yacht, others while rowing the "Lucia". Things were absolutely perfect here on the last night of July.

Ready to go with four passengers.


Lots of activity on the water.

A quiet moment in the canals.

As the light fades on the harbor, the sun still shines on the hills to the south.

Giuseppe goes under the bridge on his Crystal Swan, while Bob rows in the background.

One more shot in the turning basin of the harbor.


Tamás said...

According to the last photo, you have plenty of rowing space, almost like a lagoon!

BTW, there is a strange thing in the background in some photos, maybe an outrigger canoe? Never seen anything like here. Is there a particular benefit in that design for a single-person vessel?

Bepi Venexiano said...

Its called on OC1, very popular with the outrigger canoe clubs. Very fun in small waves.