Friday, May 28, 2010

Vogalonga 2010

photo by Nereo Zane

Last year we were there.
Tim, Megan, Andrew, Erin and I were all out in Venezia, some with families. We saw it first-hand: the worst rowing conditions in Vogalonga history. It seems that this year was different. This time, conditions were beautiful.

Nereo Zane, who perched himself atop the Tre Archi bridge after returning from an adventure in Prague, tells me things were nice on Sunday:
the Vogalonga was really great this year - sunny day with light wind - the ideal conditions to row for about three or four hours. We all missed you!!
I went to 3 archi and took about 200 photos.

A handful of those photos are available for viewing on Nereo's blog.
I especially like the shot of the guy sitting on the prow of the caorlina with his feet hanging over the rails.

A couple good photos can be seen on Emilia's blog, with a great shot of the GSVVM's 14-man Mestrina.

And if any of you are Facebook friends with René Seindal at Venice Kayak, he's got a terrific collection of views only a kayaker could provide.

I'm hoping We'll see more from Nereo soon too.

And to all of you who were fortunate enough to be rowing a boat this year in the "Long Row", we salute you.

In alto i remi!

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