Monday, May 24, 2010

Uwe Celebrates

photo by Stine Kunze Thanks to Ingo Stahl, Bavarian gondolier from Wörthsee, we've seen a couple of photos already of Uwe Kunze of Kiel and his gondola in Venice.
Here's a shot which shows that victorious moment many gondola owners experience after acquiring a gondola.

Along with the photo, Ingo writes:

So I send you another foto from Uwe, shot by Tine. I love it, because it says it all.
Purchase was successful and now strain and doubts the day before, stress have fallen off.
The great happiness: "Yeh, She is mine!"

Seated next to Uwe is Ingo, and I'm guessing the legs on the back of the boat belong to Jürgen Riegel of Bamberg.
Thanks Ingo for these photos. I have yet to meet Uwe, but I feel like I already know him.

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