Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out on the Water Tonight

I Rowed out of our docks tonight only to discover that the wind had shifted and was now coming from the south.
A storm of some sort is beating the heck out of Mexico and we are seeing evidence of it in the form of wind.

My passengers and I rowed by gondolier Michael Bixler, waving and shouting "Buona Sera".
Mike in turn waved as he passed by on the back of one of Newports only Venice-built gondolas.

It seems to me that life for a gondolier would be terribly boring without the shifting winds to keep us guessing.

I love this job.


emilia said...

May I use in my blog your photos and your words 'I love this job"?

Gondola Greg said...

Hi Emilia.
Of course you can.
Thanks for the link.