Saturday, May 1, 2010

Danish Gondola

If I had the money and the means, I'd love to travel all over Europe, visiting the many gondolas in the various countries they operate.

I think I'd start in Stratford, England, where Nick Birch rows one of the Venetian boats along the Avon River. Of course I'd want to visit and row with the two operations in Holland, and the six in Germany, and somewhere in the mix, I'd need to meet and row with Simon Bognolo in Copenhagen.

A while back I received an e-mail from Simon.
I was thrilled to learn that Denmark had a gondola.
The gondola, named "Stephania" has been in Copenhagen for five years now. Prior to that she was a passenger gondola in Venice for twenty-six years.

According to Simon, there is one other gondola in Denmark, but she is located in an Italian supermercato and is not seaworthy.

So far, Stephania has only been used for recreational rowing. She does take passengers out sometimes, but only friends and Simon hasn't made the jump to commercial passenger service, but he does have a website up and I'm sure you'll all want to spend some time checking out the great images of a gondola in Denmark.
Take a look at:

Simon tells me that Saturdays are "Gondola Days" meaning that he and his father may be working on Stephania as I write this post. With any luck we'll see some photos from that process.

Spring launch will take place soon.
Simon will probably send me more photos then, making me wish even more that I could visit and row on the only gondola afloat in Denmark.

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Tamás said...

Something is brewing in Denmark soon, if I'm lucky. I hope to be able to share it.