Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stretching Exercises with John - Segment Two

As I mentioned in my post on May 7th, Each year John Kerschbaum joins us here in Newport, to row the many cruises that revolve around Valentine's Day - the busiest day of the year for many Southern California gondola operations.

Several years ago, while on the Hudson River Expedition, I noticed John doing an unusual bit of stretching. I asked him about it and the next thing I knew, I was contorting my body into the same positions, discovering the benefits in my sore muscles.

In this segment, John takes the exercises to the ground, covering lower back and neck movements.

Here's an intro:

John mentioned a handout, which I am in the process of getting. In the interim, here are a few exercises for the lower back.

Pelvic rolls - try not to do this one with strangers watching. It doesn't look like much but it's great for the lower back.

Knee wobbles - the simple act of moving your knees back and forth can sometimes make a great difference too.

Finally, while you're lying on your back in the grass enjoying and relaxing, try this one for neck pain.

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