Sunday, May 2, 2010

Perfect Moments

Just another photo taken from the back of my gondola.
Just another idyllic evening of perfect conditions in Newport.

In the gondola business, we strive to create "perfect moments" - times when everything comes together to make an absolutely flawless memory. The moment could be ten seconds, or ten minutes long...but the memory will last for years. The better the moment, the more likely those who were there will hold it dear for the rest of their lives.
We don't see "perfect moments" during every cruise, but one of my trips tonight had at least five or six of them.
Will my passengers remember those moments forever?
I couldn't say.
But they definitely have their pick of possibilities to choose from.


emilia said...

I liked it!
This one I would use in my blog, Greg! (with report of the Copyrigh and you name, of course)
Nice shot, in the perfect moment!

XTB-XAVI said...

....yes life is based of ¨Moments¨ as Jorge Luis Borges...perfectly described on his poem!

Cheers from Hong Kong!