Monday, May 10, 2010

Long-Exposures of the Wedding Gondola

I rowed this afternoon on the Phoenix; she's a great boat, but it had been a while since I'd rowed my beloved Wedding Gondola. I spent some quality time with a shop-vac, a bucket, and a brush. Within a short time the Wedding Gondola was ready for her time in the spotlight.
I went home and had dinner with my family (a true gondolier ritual), and arrived in time to put on the finishing touches prior to cruise time.

Before my guests arrived, I set up the camera on tripod and snapped a few low-light long-exposures.

From the bow you can see part of the intricately carved deck, with allegorical characters adorning both sides.

Looking from the stern, you can see part of the carved decking surfaces, but the carpet always catches my eye. This deck-carpet (known as a tapeto), gives the unusually faceted gondolier's deck a surface following contour.

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