Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boston - Spring Launch of "Maria"

Joe Gibbons of Boston sent this to me just today. He writes:
Hi Greg,
The attached photo was taken moments before "Maria" left our "Tube Squero". I think she looks better today than she did at her Vardo in 2001.

"Maria" is indeed a beautiful gondola, and one which I've had the honor of rowing a few times in Boston. She has a fully carved deck - making her a wedding gondola, brass trim on her rails, and a stainless steel ferro. In short, this is a boat well worthy of good maintenance.

As for launching, our friends in Boston have quite an adventure when it's time to put a boat in the water:
We actually tow the gondolas on skids down a very busy road next to the river for about one half a mile. Cars scream by at 50 to 60 miles per hour often slamming brakes to get a closer look at the gondola. Needless to say, this is nerve wracking!
Someday I will get up the nerve to pause for a photo or two, but this year it was just total focus.

Photos? yes, I'd love a photo. For bonus points Joe, get me some video - preferrably of a guy in a black BMW on his cell phone (you know, the guy who thinks it's "all about him"), slamming his brakes on and getting rear-ended by a truck.
But I digress.

Joe wrapped his message up with:
She was launched about 6:00 PM last night and as expected she did take on some water. Steve pumped her out this morning and as I write this email he is out having a blast rowing on the river.
"Firenza", our older gondola is now in the tube and needless to say I will be covered with paint and dust once again as we prepare for her launching in a couple weeks.
Ciao for now
Joe Gibbons

Thanks for the report Joe.
It's a labor of love, but well worth the effort.

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