Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video While Rowing

For a little change of pace, I brought my video camera out with me on one of my cruises tonight. The clips I shot were just quick glances with no narration, but they provide a decent look into the location and conditions we had this evening between 7 and 8pm. All video clips were shot with one hand while rowing, giving you a gondolier's-eye view.

This first clip was shot just off our docks, heading through the Turning Basin towards the canals. If you listen, you may hear Vivaldi playing on board:

Turning my gondola in the canals, while playing a little jazz on the boombox, I shot this clip shortly after the gentleman in the passenger seat proposed marriage to his lady (she said "yes", of course).

This last video clip was shot heading back into the Turning Basin after passing under the Newport Boulevard Bridge.

Conditions on the water tonight were a little more breezy than last night, but I was able to row with one hand and shoot video with the other.

I'm getting pretty good at this multi-tasking thing.
Next time maybe I'll try straight-razor shaving while I row, or grilling burgers on a hibachi on the stern while yodeling and rowing valesana.

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