Monday, May 17, 2010

German Gondoliers at the Capitello

photo by Uwe Kunze
On May 8th I posted about the Festa del Capiteo, with a link to Nereo Zane's blog for photos and details.
Then on the 11th, Ingo Stahl sent me a great photo of Uwe Kunze of Germany, with Ingo and Jürgen Riegel of Bamberg on board.
Now Ingo provides us a photo of Jürgen rowing the same boat by the capiteo.
Ingo writes:
Coming back from our tour to Venezia with the new gondola last october 09 we had a stop to capitello to show our deference to La Nicopeia.
The photo was taken by Uwe, that's Ingo in the main seat, and Uwe's daughter Stine is in the lower right hand corner.

I've rowed past that capiteo many times, but the next time I do so, I think I'll spend a little more time there.


emilia said...

bella! I will post it in my blog also tomorrow! I liked them so much!

Ingo said...

Ciao, ciao tutti
I did a mistake. The name of UWE`s dauther is correctly STINE
I am verry sorry.

Tamás said...

I wonder if they've been able to meet Alexandra, who is also a german?